– Online Wedding Planner and Vendors Directory Launched

A wedding is the celebration of love. It is the first event that marks the journey of a long relationship between the husband and wife. The ceremony, reception and every element that is part of the wedding becomes an unforgettable memory. For some, it is all about turning the wedding into an amazing party with things and details that 'wow' their guests.

The woes before the vows

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming irrespective of the budget or the number of guests. It is just that the bride and groom may have to run through an endless list of things to even identify the ones they may and may not need. The bride especially will need that extra support in fixing her hair, wedding gown, make-up, jewelry, limousines, bouquet etc.,

The billion dollar wedding industry is complex with a variety of service providers. Accessing or knowing about their products, services and reputation in a common marketplace is almost impossible. While the wedding vendor seeks visibility, the bride/groom look for choice, reputation and the ‘awesomeness quotient” of the product/service.

Wedding Planning

Widening the Window for the Wedding service seeker and provider is an online wedding planner and vendors listing portal that connects the bride and the groom to the right wedding service provider for all their wedding needs. Launched on the 14th of April 2016, is aimed at giving the bride-to-be access, choice and ease when it comes to planning and getting things done for the big day.

While there are number of listing services that list wedding product and service providers, the portal is one-of- a-kind which seamlessly connects the seeker and the provider. Leveraging technology to create information systems about the needs and expectations of the bride/groom, and the service offerings of the vendor, the portal extends a superior experience to its users.

Visibility, Connect, Transparency-  The wedding prep formula to a perfect wedding

The portal is complete in its approach to every aspect. Guiding the bride on trends and tips from the experts in the industry, it also has an archive of content that render a whole lot of information on pre and post wedding decisions, pre-nups, relationship advice and honey-moon destinations. is upbeat in offering its vendors visibility on the website, social media channels, events and banners. The portal features a whole range of widgets and features  which allow vendors to add their business listing like their business name, address, website, social medial pages, photo gallery etc.

The platform is transparent facilitating seamless interaction between the bride/groom and the vendor. This makes a unique channel which takes the wedding industry into the next eon.

April 30, 2016