Wedding Planning Myths Most Couples Fall For

You must wear a white wedding gown, you have to break the bank to make your wedding memorable, every single detail must be perfect – wedding planning myths are a dime a dozen. You’ve probably heard more than you would care to remember. But are they true, and most importantly, should you believe them? The answer is a resounding “No!” Wedding-planning myths will only prevent you from enjoying the wedding planning process. Here are 9 myths you shouldn’t pay attention to.

Wedding Planning Myths

Hiring a Wedding Planner Will Cost More

Most wedding couples with limited budgets decide not to hire wedding planners because they think it’s too expensive. But a wedding planner can help you to save thousands of dollars. He/she knows all the local vendors and is not afraid to negotiate. In addition, most planners get industry discounts which they pass along to wedding couples. 

If you have a tight budget, a wedding planner can help you to cut corners so you don’t go over budget. Consider hiring a planner for your wedding day if that’s what you can afford. They will make your wedding stress-free and tackle all the jobs you’ll be too busy for.

A White Wedding Dress Is a Must  

Who said you have to wear a white wedding dress to look gorgeous? The white gown is a phenomenon that arose after World War II. Before the war, brides would buy beautiful dresses they could wear again. While a white gown is believed to symbolize purity, this is rarely the case. Many virgin brides wear colorful gowns while brides with children wear white. It all depends on what you like. If you look great in pink, get a pink gown. Modern wedding dress designers have embraced color and soon more brides will be wearing vibrant gowns.

It’s the Bride’s Day

Where would the fun be if the day is all about one person? This is perhaps the longest-reigning myth of all time. A wedding doesn’t always have to be about the bride. There are many other people who help make the day great – the groom gives his love and support, parents and parents-in-law contribute towards the wedding in one way or another, and loved ones support the relationship and actively participate in wedding-planning. 

The Bridal Party Has To Be Even

The notion that the bridesmaids and groomsmen have to be even in number is a misconception that has been adhered to by many wedding couples. If you have four close friends and your fiancé has 8, you don’t have to invite acquaintances to make the number even. The most important thing is for your close friends to be part of your big day.

Invite Them If They Invited You 

This is another wedding planning myth most wedding couples pay attention to. Don’t feel pressured to invite someone to your wedding simply because they invited you to theirs. Only invite the people who are close to you. Wedding invites should be split into three parts: one-half should be for the bride and groom’s friends, one-quarter should be for the guests of the groom’s parents, and the other one-quarter should be for the guests of the bride’s parents.

Wedding Fare Always Tastes Bad

Think good food at a wedding is a farfetched dream? Think again! If you’ve eaten one too many horrible reception meals, you may be tempted to think that wedding food sucks. While it is no secret that crab cakes and chocolate fountains should have no place in a wedding, there are some dishes that can tantalize taste buds and leave guests wanting more. Have the food made by a professional chef or cook and your guests will thank you.

Doing Everything Yourself Will Save You Money

DIY enthusiasts like to do things themselves – make wedding invites, create flower arrangements, design wedding accessories. While making things yourself is fun and can show off your personal style, it isn’t always cheap. You may end up spending a lot of money buying all the materials individually. In addition, you will spend a lot of time making everything and may overlook some crucial wedding details. Carry out research before you decide to go the DIY way.

You Will End Up Bankrupt If You Follow Your Dreams

Weddings are not cheap. Even if you get financial help from family and friends, you may still end up in debt. It’s every girl’s wish to have the wedding of their dreams. However, this isn’t always possible. The good news is you won’t end up broke if you follow your dreams, just set limits. If you’ve created a binder with wedding details, choose the ones that matter most. Select those that have a great impact and reflect you and your fiancée. Details make a wedding, so choose those that have a powerful effect.

An Engagement Should Last For At Least One Year

An engagement is a prerequisite of getting married. It helps a couple to focus on building their relationship before starting a new life together. Most people believe that an engagement should last not less than a year. But couples are different, some wait years to get engaged while others get engaged after a few months. The length of the engagement should be determined by the individual partners, not the opinion of outsiders. 

No matter how long or short an engagement may be, the length should not be a constraint to getting married. A couple may decide to get married after a ten-month engagement and end up very happy while another may tie the knot after a 2-year engagement and break up soon after.  

As you plan your wedding, you will get a ton of advice. Some of it will be useful while some will be totally useless. You may even get some ideas by reading bridal magazines and watching wedding TV shows. But some of these ideas have become so ingrained into our culture we’ve gotten accustomed to them and don’t even realize they are nothing but mere myths.

Every time someone gives you a piece of advice you find hard to digest, simply tell them “Thanks, I’ll consider it.” Don't believe or implement every single thing you’re told. Steer clear of wedding planning myths and you’ll have an enjoyable wedding-planning experience.

May 13, 2016