10 Wedding details that are commonly overlooked

Ask any newly weds about their wedding day and they are sure to mention something they forgot. Wedding planning is a difficult endeavor and it’s easy to overlook some important details, especially when you have a full-time job. Even the most organized brides forget minor details on their wedding day. Most brides-to-be don’t work in the wedding industry hence they are not aware of the fine details. Here are some important wedding details brides forget.

Wedding Hall Planning

Asking Guests about Food Allergies

Your wedding day is a perfect time to show your love for exotic cuisine or to indulge in comfort food. However, you shouldn’t forget to ask guests about food allergies as this can be a grave mistake. When sending your wedding invitations, add a line to the RSVP section telling guests to state any severe food allergies. You will know how many have food allergies and what you should avoid serving. 

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Bridal Emergency Kit

Your zipper may get stuck, a seam may get ripped, and wine may drip on your dress. Small as these details may be, they can give you a panic attack. Make an emergency kit and ask your mom or maid of honor to keep it close throughout the wedding. You will feel more at ease.

Chargers for Tech Gadgets

Make sure you charge all your important gadgets the night before your wedding. Charge your phone as you may want to use it to confirm small details before the wedding. If you’ve saved the first dance song on your iPod, make sure it’s charged. The last thing you want is to stand awkwardly on the dance floor as your wedding planner or bridal party tries to save the day.

Wedding Welcome Bags

Since you won’t be able to greet all your wedding guests as they arrive, welcome them with welcome bags. It is a great way to show your gratitude to them for attending your wedding. In the bags, include some of your favorite things, local products, some drinks, and a thank-you note.

Wedding Vows and Speeches

If you’ve written your wedding vows and speeches, make sure you don’t forget them. Give them to someone to hold until you need them. You can give yours to your maid of honor and the groom can give his to the best man. In addition, talk to other people giving speeches to ensure they have them at hand. This will save you a lot of precious time.

Accessories for the Cake Table

You chose the perfect cake and the baker didn’t disappoint. It has all the details you wanted – butter cream, multiple flavors, and cascading flowers. But your cake table is plain and unappealing. Embellish it with fresh flowers and add vital accessories like a cake cutter and servers. Ensure they are engraved with your wedding date as you will use them time and again.

Wedding Cake and Accessories

Meals for the Vendors

This is one of the wedding details most brides forget. Your vendors work tirelessly to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Add them to the head count so the caterer can make meals for them. The meals don’t have to be as fancy as those of your guests. Most caterers charge half-price for vendor meals so you won’t pay a lot.

Appointing Someone to Deal with the Gifts and Cards

Family members and friends who were unable to send gifts in advance or bring them to your shower will bring them to your reception. Those who don’t come with a gift will put money in a card. If you leave your gifts unattended, they might mysteriously disappear. Put someone you trust in charge of them. He can put them in a holding room at the venue designated for that purpose or take them home. 

Gifts for Your Parents and In-Laws

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to take your stress out on your parents. But they will continue to offer their love and support the entire time. Let them know how much you appreciate them on your wedding day by giving them thoughtful, sentimental gifts. Even a card with a sweet note can make a perfect gift. While you’re at it, don’t forget to buy gifts for your parents-in-law.

A Guestbook and Pens

A guestbook allows guests to write their well-wishes as soon as they get to the reception. Many brides-to-be buy guest books at the very last minute. Don’t make this mistake. Take time to choose a guestbook that reflects your wedding theme, venue, or something special to you and your fiancée. Additionally, don’t forget to get enough pens.

Forgetting things when planning a wedding is so common it has a name: wedding brain. While it’s only normal to forget some wedding details, there are some you can’t afford to forget. Keep this list close by and you won’t overlook crucial details.


May 09, 2016