10 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas for Bride To Be

No other season is as romantic as winter. While many couples prefer to tie the knot in spring and summer, there are many benefits of having a winter wedding. First, you’ll save money as many brides-to-be aren’t fighting for venues and suppliers. Secondly, your guests won’t have to choose between your wedding and another. But best of all, you’ll love the style details that enliven winter weddings. Here are 10 winter wedding ideas you should try if you want to make a statement.

Winter Wedding in Snow

Choose a Cool Color Palette

Sure, greens and reds reflect the season, but they can make your wedding look holiday-oriented. When choosing a color palette for your winter wedding, focus on cool colors. A winter palette of whites, greens, and ivories can add serious glamour to your wedding. You can also mix silver with crystal accents. Emerald green and gray tones spell romance and elegance and are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re bold, go for radiant orchid and blush tones which exude beauty and sophistication.

Pick a Fancy Theme

Your theme will have a big impact on your wedding. Pick a theme that fits your wedding and reflects the couple you are. You can have a Victorian, rustic, or a winter wonderland theme. A Victorian theme comprises pale colors from the Victorian era like ivory, gray, and dusty rose. It includes delicate jewels, pearls, and lace accents. 

Rustic weddings are held in barns or log cabins and include natural decorations like pine cones, wood, and iron. A winter wonderland wedding calls for snowflakes, a lot of light, and blue colors. Be sure to pick a venue that coordinates with your theme.

Match Your Invites to the Weather

Most winter couples choose formal invitations because winter weddings are held indoors. Your wedding invitations should match the theme and weather. You can use snowflakes, frosty decorations, and cursive script depending on the look and feel you want to create. If it’s snowing outside, make your wedding invitations in the snow. For instance, you can write your wedding date in the snow. If you want to achieve a formal tone, use frosted Plexiglas invitations and put them in silver envelope liners.

Draw Inspiration from Nature

Adding seasonal elements is one of the best winter wedding ideas. Winter is all about merging elegant details with natural features. Add lots of greens to full white or ivory flowers. If you want a softer look, add lamb’s ears as they have a velvety feel. Ask your florist to use evergreens or ferns if you love rustic style. Branches are also ideal for winter. Use them at the ceremony and reception as they add dimension to the simplest of arrangements. Pepper berries, eucalyptus, and curly willow also look great. You can also integrate winter elements to your wedding rings.

winter save the date for wedding

Choose Wintry Flowers

Carrying a gorgeous bundle of flowers down the aisle is one of the most memorable wedding traditions. Amaryllis, red roses, and calla lilies are popular winter wedding flowers. But if you want something out of the ordinary, consider fuller flowers like gentle ranunculus and white hydrangeas. You can also get your favorite flowers even if they are not in season. Spruce up your bouquet with a ribbon decorated with crystals and accent the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres with greenery or green ribbon.

Use Candles Everywhere

Nothing creates a lovely atmosphere like candlelight. Candles also help you to add lighting without going overboard. Place them along the aisle to the altar and create intimate charm. Incorporate them at your wedding ceremony reception for a romantic feel. They can be real or flameless. Add candles to your centerpieces, chandeliers, and backdrop. 

Give Winter Favors

Days may be shorter in winter, but they are filled with options to thank your family and friends for attending your wedding. Give wedding favors that will be adored by your guests and make your big day more special. You can give useful favors like gloves, mittens, or comfy blankets that will keep them warm in the cold months. S’mores, macarons, and cookies are perfect any time of year, but give yours a twist to make them memorable. If you’re eco-conscious, give eco-friendly favors like seed-embedded snowflakes, personalized drawstring sacks, or mini palm plants.

Wear Your Wedding Dress with a Cozy Coat

While a sweetheart neckline may not be ideal for the season, the best thing about having a winter wedding is you can wear very chic layers. You can cover your formal gown stylishly with a fashionable fur, a bejeweled jacket, or a chunky knit sweater. You can also keep yourself warm with a thick knitted scarf and gloves which ensure your wedding dress is not hidden. Choose something with a different texture and fabric to make your gown look unique and sophisticated.

Decorate Your Cake with Winter Elements

You can have a lot of fun decorating your winter wedding cake. Emphasize the snow theme with sugared berries, snowflakes, and silver beads or add natural elements like twigs, pine cones, herbal foliage, and cinnamon sticks. If you want a simple wedding cake, embellish with monograms. Plain white ones are perfect for any season. For a dash of color, incorporate a simple sash that corresponds with your wedding theme. Last but not least, don’t forget to decorate your cupcakes.

Serve Something Hot

Guests can become uncomfortable at your wedding if the weather changes suddenly. Hand out hot cocoa before the ceremony to keep them warm or serve a delicious hot drink as your signature cocktail. Try warm mulled wine, hot cider, hot chocolate, or another warm beverage. For an element of surprise, serve eggnog in tiny punch glasses or white hot chocolate in miniature espresso cups. You can also serve mini donuts. Your family and friends won’t forget your kind gesture.

Winter weddings are outstanding for many reasons – you can choose a rich and enchanting color scheme, wear fashionable layers because of the cold air outside, and take advantage of the spectacular natural backdrop created by snow. Use these creative winter wedding ideas to transform your wedding into a winter wonderland. Make the details feel refined by using them sparingly. Choose the ideas that work best for your wedding and don’t try to change every detail into something seasonal.

May 09, 2016